start with nvidia

I wish start creating a little game engine, i have already some experience in opengl and directx.
Now i would assemble all my tests and create a real little engine.
I wish use cuda or direct compute,and directx for gpu parallelism.
for the cpu parallelism which library do you recommend?
I have some little experience with threading building block of intel, can go or is there better?
Because i read that opencl have a cpu/gpu parallel architecture but i wish use cuda because have tools like nvidia nsight.

There are some skeleton game engine that assemble a bit of technology and to start?
next i ask if can be a good choice opengl or if nvidia is more centred on DX.
THen the choise is mine.

I’m having the same issue. I downloaded the Mafia 2 Demo, clicked on it and two seconds later the small picture disappeared…and nothing else happened. I’ve got an ASUS K42JV-VX050D notebook with nVidia Geforce 335M and Intel HD graphics accelerator. This notebook supports nvidia Optimus technology too. I have the latest drivers (Intel, nVidia, PhysX, …), so I don’t know what should I do.

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sorry , but you write a wrong post?