Stereolabs ZED Support Isaac ROS 3.0.0

Looking through the release notes for Isaac ROS 3.0.0 on May 30th shows “Removed support for Stereolabs ZED cameras until ZED SDK support for JP6 is available.” The latest release of the ZED SDK was actually a few days before on the 27th, which added support for JP6. How big of a lift is it to re-add support for those cameras and how soon can we expect to see it? Looking specifically to use them with Perceptor

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You can try changing the the download link of the zed sdk in the isaac_ros_common docker folder to

I manage to get the zed camera running with isaac ros visual slam on a jetson orin dev kit. Have not gotten to evaluate the performance yet on my custom robot setup.

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@tyler.lusk Which Stereolabs ZED camera are you looking to support within Isaac ROS 3.0.0? Stereolabs has just finished porting ZED X drivers to JetPack 6.0. They will be bringing Isaac Perceptor support soon.

@skl1g14 Which camera did you try?

@VickNV We’re looking to support Zed X And Zed X Mini stereo cameras. Are talking more the next couple of weeks or next couple of months for Perceptor support?

should be over the next few weeks.


i am using a zedm camera.