Student Support in terms of discounted or sponsored parts for research and development projects

Hi Team,

I hope this inquiry finds you well. My intention for this inquiry is to find out about any programs offered by Nvidia to support student research teams involved in the development of autonomous mobile robots. We are a passionate team of students based in Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India working on the development of an autonomous mobile robot, Level 3 autonomous car presented at the National Conference on Internal Combustion Engines and autonomous drones. We have recently participated in the Intelligent Ground Vehicles Competition (IGVC) 2023 held at Oakland University, Michigan, and were the first to represent our university. The experience has given us immense insight into the development of our robot and we would like to upgrade our current technical stack for the upcoming version of the AMR. We were previously using the Jetson Nano and Jetson TX2 developer kits however given the line is discontinued now by Nvidia and lacks software support we would like to upgrade to an Nvidia Jetson Orin Nano to ensure that our software is in pace with the latest hardware architecture present in the industry.

Given that we are a self-funded student team, we have limited financial resources when it comes to acquiring the latest products available. Sponsorship from companies like Nvidia goes a long way in assisting our team’s development. Hence, we request you to support us in the form of discounted components or complete sponsorship if there is scope.

We believe that collaboration with Nvidia would foster better innovation within our team members as well as for the future generation of researchers involved in similar projects with our university. We would also be open to collaboration with the Nvidia Research and Development team for any possible problem statements that fit our skill set.

Feel free to contact me or check out for any further information about our team projects, achievements, and background of the team members. Looking forward to a response from your team!

Thanks, and regards,

Arsalan Mallick

Hi @arsalan38934, thanks for posting and using Jetson on your robots - we’ll be in touch over email. Wish you the best of luck with the upcoming version of your AMR!

Thank you so much! you can contact me on

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