Subpixel font rendering with one display rotated

I just configured my twinview setup to rotate the display for the monitor on the right. It is working well rotated, except for one thing. My subpixel font rendering is configured to use RGB, which is correct for the non-rotated monitor, but with the other one rotated, it should now be VRGB.

Since this setting is only available for the display as a whole, it appears there is no way to have a different subpixel font on one display as opposed to the other.

Is it even remotely possible that this can one day be done?

You’d have to configure your displays are separate X screens, not a shared desktop. Your desktop environment should then let you adjust the sub-pixel order for individual X screens.

Otherwise, what would you do with a Window that spans two display devices with differing sub-pixel orders? Or even trickier, two displays in clone mode with different physical orders (RGB vs BGR).

In any case, the display driver isn’t involved in any of these decisions.


  • Pierre-Loup