Sudo apt-get install v4l*... it skips building module containing camera drivers

  1. I’m on developing my own carrier board for veye camera via fpdlink.

  2. Dmesg shows the I2C mux, FpdLink Serializer/Deserializer but it does not shows any contents
    on the Camera.

  3. I think that the veyecam.o built-in module does not involved in.

  4. On my Carrier Target, the module folder /lib/modules has 3 sub folders.
    /lib/modules/4.15.0-202-generic, 4.9.299+, 4.9.299-tegra

The message on the install of sudo apt-get install v4l*
I have found the message that
at depmod… DKMS : install completed.
Module build for kernel 4.9.299+ was skipped since the kernel headers…

but according to the file modules.builltin of 4.9.299+ and others,
my camera driver veyecam.ko is located only in the folder that v4l2 DKMS has omitted to build.

So, I guess that my camera driver has never been included on the process of v4l2 installation

What should I do for my driver be involved to the real built-in drivers list?

Thank you.


I think that This is main reason why there is no /dev/video0 after installtion of v4l2 and camera.

Hi chjchoi,

Due to the kernel version that the TX2 runs in the latest JetPack, the given kernel headers aren’t available from apt. The latest version available are 4.18.*:
apt search linux-headers-4*

Do however take note that generally the development of camera drivers are done through a procedure similar to the following (Take note of the Kernel Customization section):
This is especially important in the case that you are trying to use the CSI port of the TX2 since you’ll need to interact with the TX2’s camera subsystem.

If you follow this procedure, it will produce all the necessary files.

I don’t know why my camera driver is located in /lib/modules/4.9.299+ and which one makes this folder and put the driver in it?
Can I avoid the 4.9.299+ folder?

Or, will it be possible for the v4l2 system to be changed to include any folders in /lib/modules/ ?

I have misinformation on the veyecam driver when kernel init.
I have seen wrong information the the camera driver may be involved when V4l2 * installation but it is on the case when the camera drivers is just modules and not built-in drivers.

When my camera driver is involved as built in , it is not related to v4l2 installation and it should show the driver probing messege or… but my carrier board does not shows anythings.

So it may be from the mistake of menuconfig checking problem or Kconfigs.

the attached photo shows the existance of veyecam driver and deserializer ds90ub954…

and I have checked the dts files from the camera vender , i2c address part for i2c mux(pca954x), serializer, deserialize (ds90ub954) and veyecam is same except randomly given phandler.

I think that there is something wrong on my Image

Thank you.
dmesg.txt (99.8 KB)

Quickly looking over the dmesg the issue might be with your deserializer driver:

[    1.220375] tegra-i2c 3180000.i2c: no acknowledge from address 0x30
[    1.220654] i2c-ds90ub954 32-0030: Cannot read register 0x00 (-121)!
[    1.220657] i2c-ds90ub954 32-0030: ds90ub954_probe: error initializing ds90ub954
[    1.220791] i2c-ds90ub954: probe of 32-0030 failed with error -121

After this, since the deserializer driver wasn’t initialized correctly neither the camera nor the serializer would be loaded at all.

You might want to look into checking why reading from a register isn’t working. This can be either due to a misconfiguration of the i2c-mux or the deserializer might need a GPIO to be enabled so that it is powered on.

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