Suggestion on improving JetBot/Jetson Nano performance

Hi All,

I have recently got a JetBot kit and was able to get assembled and software installed.
The examples run fine, but just seem a bit too sluggish compared to the videos linked in the Github Examples page.

For reference, I followed the instruction from and setup everything using the

However, I am not sure if it is the Jupyter Lab/Notebook which are slow or my routers or something with the JetBot, it just seems like there is significant delay (~1 second) in the camera video stream and also the control responsiveness of the JetBot.

Consequently, it is unable to avoid obstacles reliably, nor track an object reliably.
For obstacle avoidance, it often bumps into the obstacles first, then react 1-2 seconds later and starts turning left.
For object tracking, the gain had to be tuned to be much lower in order to avoid overshoot.

Therefore, I was wondering if there is anything I can try to help improve the performance of the JetBot / Jetson Nano.
Any advice or suggestions is appreciated.


Hi Steven,

Have you tried to maximum the system performance by nvpmodel setting? You can refer to