Support for using two four lane CSI cameras with a Nano developer kit carrier board, and an Orin NX module?

The Jetson Orin nano developer kit comes with two 22pin camera connectors. These both have two pairs of CSI lanes pinned out to them. This would lead one to expect that the developer kit would support two four lane cameras. However it states in the Orin Nano Carrier Board reference design files that the *x4 camera support in current software only works with the lower clock lane of the x4 clock interface.*And as such only one of the two ports will support a four lane camera.

As it is stated this is a software limitation, is there a way to enable four lane functionality out of both cameras? If so would this be expected in an upcoming release?

Suppose it’s HW design but can’t have software solution for it.
So I don’t think there is a chance for it.


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