Three 4k cameras interface with orin nano devkit

Hi, I have Orin nano devkit running L4T 35.3.1. I am trying to interface three 4k cameras to the kit. I am thinking I can use the two CISI connectors to get 4k@30 FPS from two cameras, and USB to get 4k feed from the third camera. For this 3rd camera, the FPS is not important to us as long as we can capture a 4k image a second or so (FPS=1).

My question is, does the Orin Nano support running 3 cameras in parallel and are these data rates possible? For example, is there any restriction coming from software/driver of the kit that may not allow us this flexibility? If this isn’t possible, can we program an online switching between these cameras through software?

Among the Jetson partner supported cameras, it seems like there are no USB cameras compatible with the kit? Would you suggest some other interface like GPIO or ethernet, rather than USB, for the 3rd camera? Again, the requirement from 3rd camera is 4k images even if they come at slower rates.

Thanks for your guidance.

hello hassan.iqbal,

Orin NX/Nano series have 8 CSI lanes available, you may refer to Jetson Orin NX Series and Orin Nano Series Design Guide for [Chapter 10. MIPI CSI Video Input].

is it must using developer kit? since there’re only two camera connectors on developer kit.
please see-also Camera Architecture Stack. you may running 3rd 4K camera use-case with USB port. however, you must using v4l interface to fetch the stream.

Thanks @JerryChang. This helps in understanding.

Since I have devkit already, is there a way to decouple the 2 camera connectors into 4?

It seems like there’s no USB camera compatible with Orin nano devkit that supports 4k, among the Jetson partner cameras.

you’ll need customize carrier board to have addition camera connectors.
and… we support dual camera use-case by default, it means you’ll also need to revise device tree to extent number of cameras.

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