Support Holoviz on Jetson platfrom

Does Jeston Orin Nx support a customize render like Holoviz?

We want to streaming a video has ultra low latency.
In the X-Windows environment, there will 1-2 frame latency on the GUI stack.
Holoviz support exclusive display feature, can bypass the GUI stack to reduce this latency.

Nvoverlay do similar thing which send the video to GPU driver directly.
But Nvoverlay have no API, can’t use it directly without the gstreamer.

It is not supported on Jetson platforms. For this use-case, maybe you can try DRM. Please refer to the sample and give it a try:
Jetson Linux API Reference: 08_video_dec_drm (Direct Rendering Manager) | NVIDIA Docs

Thanks, We will try this method for ultra low latency.

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