Surveillance System Use Case

i see you mentioned LoRa is this as a HAT on the Xavier being utilized as a gateway or a completely separate system based on a Lora device ?

No. I have a lorawan gateway based on a raspberry pi and a swiss board. One of the earliest howto’s on making a gateway. But my home security system takes event inputs from both AI from yolov3 and darknet as well as modified PIR sensors that I convert to lorawan based PIR sensors.

I’m actually ramping up to making an official release of my security that installs easy on jetson devices. Later I will also publish howtos to add Lora devices as inputs. This is easy on the jets boards as it’s simply an MQTT subscription that runs fine on the Jetson boards.


Thanks, my issue is getting something LoRa working on the Xavier as a HAT… any ideas / pointers are welcome.

But what is this something ? A lora device or a lora gateway ? It it’s a gateway I don’t understand why you would use a jetson device for this, there’s no need for the GPU, if it’s a device then it’s a really big device. Lora devices are usually small battery powered devices.

So to me the only use case for a jetson single board computer in combination with lora is as a processing board for some lora generated events. In that case, it’s clear, you use the MQTT clients, such as a python one. And that’s easily and make’s sense as well. But to test you still need the lora device and a gateway close enough to receive the generated packets.

I don’t understand the use case to be able to offer much effective help I think.


So the only use case that’s make’s sense to me in the context of a Jetson board doesn’t need any additional hardware, such as a hat???

You probably need to explain more what you are trying to do.


while you make a good point, and i concur, it should be a separate device, there is a need for an integrated system that does more then just LoRa gateway, and data processing, other apps / processing data and widgety things. so basically an Xavier / LoRa capable device.

Ah ok. It wasn’t clear to me that you were talking about a loraway gateway. Indeed, that could be quite interesting. It could make a base station for AI based security as well as lora devices relay. In my case, that could make a device that could see people with AI as well as receive close by lorawan enabled PIR, IR beam, smoke detectors or other devices potentially. Nice.

Check this out:

This is an interface to a Swiss made lorawan gateway. In principle the hat is simply a linkage between the SPI ports as I understand it so the code that works on the raspberrypi should be quite portable to the embedded jetson device I expect.


Swiss made Lorawan tranceiver board might be more accurately stated. It becomes the gateway with the software on the host.