Suspend mode doesnt work (dead) by someone's not sure who's drivers

guide doesnt apply.

Since im not able to upload any attachment on this forum. i will host nvidia log on my cloud

Processing: nvidia-bug-report.log.gz…

I’m facing a similar problem, but in desktop.
My desktop have a RTX A5000 card running Kubuntu also (LTS 22.04), kernel 5.15.0-52, NVidia Driver 520.61.05, NVML 11.520.61.05, Xorg (12101004), NV-CONTROL Version 1.29, with a Dell P2723QE monitor on DP-0 and a Dell P2314H on DP-2.
My problem is: if I turn on my machine with monitor OFF, I can’t get my login screen when I turn on the monitor; it doesn’t detect any signal from the NVidia Card on the DisplayPort (both monitors). I have to turn on my machine always with monitor ON.
If I just logout from my system, turn off monitor and try to turn on on next day or some hours later, the same problem: can’t get my login screen in any monitor.
The only way to keep my machine ON and get my login screen is to lock screen; then I can turn off my monitors and when turn on them again, I’ll get the login screen.
This is very annoying!
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (877.9 KB)

I need to close this thread since this is not potentially issue in AMDGPU drivers or nvidia closed drivers.
Since i have similar symptom on “LLVMPIPE” driver (compute in CPU)

make another thread about it, that is nvidia thing, and you have expensive new card, they should have a look on it

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