Synchronizing Camera Streams on Jetson

Hi all,
I have a custom stereo setup where I have two IP cameras operating side-by-side. I wish to synchronize the outputs of the two cameras, so that I can achieve as many stereo correspondences between the two images as possible. How can I start doing that? Will I require additional hardware for it? Thanks

hello rmadan2,

please download MMAPI via APT server, for example, $ sudo apt install nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-api
then, you should see the Argus sample, /usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api/argus/samples/syncSensor/
this is the sample code to enable 2 synchronized sensors and compute the disparity.
you’ll need to have frame-sync pin on the hardware side to ensure the frame synchronized.
please may check similar discussion threads, please see-also Topic 1070823 for reference. thanks

Hi Jerry,
Thanks for the suggestion, I will give that a try. Can you please explain a bit more as to where the frame-sync pins get connected connected to?Thanks

hello rmadan2,

that’s the pin between your two camera modules, please review the sensor specification for the usage.

Hi JerryChang,
Since I am using two IP cameras, they connect to the Jetson Xavier NX board via a switch, there is no pin as such between the two cameras. Essentially, my stereo setup consists of IP cameras placed side-by-side on a stand to form a stereo camera. Ethernet cables from the two cameras are connected to a switch, and another Ethernet cable connects the switch the the Jetson Xavier NX board. Is it possible to run the SyncSensor example using just the setup I have currently on hand?

hello rmadan2,

okay, so you may use the syncSensor sample application, which is a software approach of software based synchronization.
please refer to for details.

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