Syncronize splitmuxsink with filename and/or nvstreammux

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I have a pipeline to both record videos to disk and do analysis that are saved to a database and would like to point out which video file and frame the metadata corresponds to

The current pipeline pseudo code:

source bin-> Tee → queue ->Recorder pipeline ->Splitmuxsink

tee-> queue → nvstreammux → analysis pipeline → save to db

I don’t want to save the bounding-boxes etc with the video and chose to add it in the beginning to get the original video-resolution before it enters the nvstreammux.

I don’t know how to synchronize the analysis together with the result.
I can get messages from the splitmuxsink for the current filelocation. But there are ques in between so I can’t be sure if the current frame in the analysis actually corresponds to that filename or if it has just changed.
The frame-number that are added as metadata are added from the stream-mux, right? and that frame-number are not reset to 0 from the splitmuxsink when a new file is created, Or is it possible to do somehow?

The filename contains system timestamp when the file is created. But there is another system-timestamp added as metadata from the streammux for the frames that are sent for analysis. I still cant be sure that the timestamps corresponds because of the queues.

Do you have any creative ideas of how to save the metadata to the database and point out filename and framenumber for each frame?

Sorry for the late reply, Is this still an DeepStream issue to support? Thanks!

what do you mean about “message”? you can save analysis with the frame number, then find the frame with the frame number.

yes, frame_num is set in nvstreammux plugin.

I’m not sure if that answers the question but it’s still a deepstream question.
The pipeline are recording and analysing an RTSP stream that has no start or end. That’s why the splitmuxsink are in place to make nice pieces of the video files. Each video-file starts at frame number 0 while the nvstreammux still keeps counting the frames. The splitmuxsink splits video files using time or filesize but not on frame count.
I can stream the analysis result to a database and would like to include the exact file and frame-number that the result corresponds to. The recording part of the pipeline and the analyzing part are not in sync because of threads and queues. That’s why I would like to find a way to syncronize them to know which frame an file that the result belongs to. Or other solutions. Do you have a suggestion?

if needing to set up a relation, file clips and analysis need to save some same thing which is used to set up relation. here are some ideas.

  1. saving timestamp. frame meta’s buf_pts is the timestamp of original gst buffer. you can save the buf_pts to the clips and analysis respectively. then you can make some relations between timestamp and clip name and frame number.
  2. saving encoded frame. you can save the analysis with the encoded frame. then you can find the encode frame in the clips.