Synthetic data for visual industrial inspection

would like to know if there are any plans for doing this in omniverse

Hello @kkl75914091! For more information on this, I had to reach out to our Synthetic Data Generation team. I’ll let you know when I have more information to share!

Hello @kkl75914091! Here is the latest information that I have from the dev team regarding your question.

Replicator is a general purpose tool for synthetic data generation. It provides a framework to build a synthetic data generation pipeline to create a customize version of assets randomizers, annotators and writers those can be used to address any use cases. This framework will be released during GTC timeframe along with a set of documentation as well as tutorials to demonstrate it’s capabilities. Most general industrial inspection use case can be addressed with this framework once released in GTC timeframe.

Also! Check out our GTC presentation: Synthetic Data Generation using the Omniverse Replicator SDK [S41581]
Tuesday March 22, 5pm EDT