system reboot when using the network application

When I use the system application NetWork to build a wifi accept point,then the system does not response to any request,after a moment the system will reboot.

Hi xin.gyongli,

What system application are you using? NetworkManager?

Hi WayneWWW,

Thanks for your reply.

The applications name is "Network",you can search the application form the ubuntus “search you computer an online sources”.

Then select the Wireless,and next click the “Use as Hotspot…” button, Finally click the “Turn On” button.

In this way, the the TX2 will going to reboot.

This is the “unity-control-center” application called with the “network” argument. You can do the equivalent on command line via:

unity-control-center network

(useful if you want to run something like strace or gdb on it)

NOTE: Because this is for unity the results will vary depending on who is logged in and how you are logged in. Assuming you were sitting right there, which user name did you log in as?

I don’t know if you want to keep on using this application or trying those app we have verified.

Please give some feedback. Thanks!

I am not set up for WiFi (I never use the stuff!), but I suspect that a shutdown and reboot like this would have some output to serial console even if the shutdown is nearly instant (or serial console running “dmesg --follow”).

Hi WayneWWW and linuxdev,
Now I use another application(network connections) to create wifi AP,and the wifi AP works well.

I’m glad it works. It is still curious how the default interface to Unity’s management would cause the issue. I have a sneaking suspicion that some other package called by “unity-control-center network” was missing and should have sent a failure message instead of causing a reboot. Maybe one day someone else will run into this and we’ll look back on this post and say “I should have thought of that”.