-ta=nvidia,time not printing results

Another beginner question.
Im using v12.9 of the compiler with Cuda Fortran. When I specify
-ta=nvidia,time no timing results are printed.

System is Windows 64bit

The build file is :

pgfortran -fast -Mcuda -Minfo=vect,opt,ccff,acc -tp=sandybridge-64 -ta=nvidia,time,4.2 -c t1.f90
pgfortran -o t1 -Mcuda -Minfo=vect,opt,ccff,acc -tp=sandybridge-64 -ta=nvidia,time,4.2 *.obj

Thanks in advance

Hi Michael,

The profile information produced with “-ta=nvidia,time” or the PGI_ACC_TIME environment variable is only available for OpenACC and the PGI Accelerator Model.

For CUDA Fortran on Windows, you need to use a CUDA Profiler such as NVIDIA’s Visual Profiler or pgcollect.

  • Mat