TC358743 module missing on 32.7.1 kernel menuconfig

Hardware & Software Details:
Kernel: L4T 32.7.1[ JetPack 4.6.1 DP ]
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
Kernel Version: 4.9.253
Developer Kit Model: P3450
Embedded System model: Jetson Nano

Hello, I am trying to compile a custom kernel for our Jetson devices. I am following this guide Toshiba TC358743 | TC358743 Linux Driver for Jetson ( However, the menu option for TC358743 is missing on my case, only TC358840 is available. What can be done to overcome this?

Thank you in advance.

I found it under “I2C Encoders, decoders, sensors and other helper chips” instead of “NVIDIA overlay Encoders, decoders, sensors and other helper chips”.

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Glad to know you found the option.

Hi. I followed that helpful guide at Ridgerun’s wiki a couple of months ago, and yes it will build a valid driver as built in or loadable module as per your direction. However, you will not get a /dev/video0 without also updating device tree (at least I diidn’t).

I started down that path, hoping to have the tc358743 and CSI camera usable simultaneously on the B01 rev JN. Then I discovered old threads here where folk had gotten some functionality. It does appear to have issues eg I cannot capture at 1080p30, only p50 or p60, and CSI camera is unavailable. That thread is here if you need it: No captured data from v4l2 driver (TC358743) - #85 by phil1

Yes we never really found a stable solution to this one.

I haven’t looked at it for a while, hoping that the functionality would find its way into the JetPack, I assume it hasn’t yet?


Sorry Phil didn’t realise I had pinged you when writing that link. One thing I thought I had done neater than in that thread, rather than hacking it into the driver source, was to use a fixed-clock source in the device tree (to represent the 27MHz on-board xtal, no clock needs to be provided by the tegra CSI peripheral). I was still a long way from integrating it in to the v4l2 & argus camera pipelines before I moved on.

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