Tegra K1 CD580M vs CD575M

What is the difference between these 2 K1 versions? We bought some of the 575M for use on our card but the 580M is the version used on the K1 dev cards that we bought earlier this year.

All I can find so far says “CD575M SKU, 24x7 duty cycle support” in a L4T release note (whatever 24x7 duty cycle support means). The CD580M is clocked at 2.3 GHz. the 575M which is clocked at 2.2 GHz http://www.synnex.com.tw/oem/nvidia.asp.

Are there any other differences?

Your finding is correct, only difference is CPU operating frequency per core (up to) 2.3G vs 2.2G between CD580M and CD575M. Other features like GPU shader/Max memory bus frequency/interfaces all same.

@JimWang, Thanks.

Is there any difference other than max. CPU frequency. We have used CD575M for our product and are facing DDR3L issues wherein the kernel is stable only till 800MHz though Jetson uses 933MHz. We have used the same DDR3L part number but still we are unable to run it at 933MHz. Do you think its because of the difference in part numbers.


CD575M SKU could support max 924MHz on DDR3L.
The DDR timing may need tune with nvshmoo tool on your board if the layout is different


We are trying to develop mobile platform like tablet, but truly not tablet. I am bit confused with the CPU versions which one is for mobile devices and i have Jetson TK1 dev board. It uses CD575M one and It has fan on the CPU. When I take off the fan, it heats enormously. Basically, I thought K1 processor is for mobile device and it can run normally without cooler. So which one do i need to use for our system? Please help on this matter.



A CU or Alu heat sink is good for thermal dissipation.
If you design a thin device, The suggestion as below:
1> a metal shield cans above TK1.
2> add graphite heat spreaders for thermal dissipation on X-Y.
3> add 3~5w/mk thermal pad on Z for disperse thermal to mid-plate or LCD/back cover.