Tegrastats "CV" temperature on Jetson Orin


I am currently using the tegrastats tool to monitor the temperature of a Jetson AGX Orin.

Tegrastats provides thermal values for CV0/CV1/CV2 (Computer Vision) and SOC0/SOC1/SOC2 components.
What do the numbers “0/1/2” refer to? Do they designate specific component groups (e.g., DLA/PVA + Video + other accelerators)?

Thank you for your help.

It indicates different location of the sensor. Please check the document here.


Thank you for your answer.

Where exactly are theses thermal sensors placed ? According to the documentation, “CV0” is the thermal zone at the center of CV0. So, where can I find the location of thermal zones CV0, CV1, CV2, SOC0, SOC1, SOC2 ?

Do you mean the location on chip? We don’t share that info.

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