Tesla C2070 + Quadro 4000 in the same machine Cand get them both to work!


I just cant get both my cards to work after updated the driver. Now I cant find a driver that supports both of the cards. The Quadro 4000 is no problem. Even if I install the latest driver for Tesla C2070, I still can only use the quadro card.

I use them for 3ds max and gpu rendering.

Any Ideas how to setup this system?


Hi - we need some more information before we can help.

How is the Tesla “not working”?
Is it appearing in the NVIDIA Control Panel?
If it’s showing there, is the problem 3ds Max specific?
If so, what version of 3ds Max are you using?

  • Phil


Thanks for your answer =)

The Tesla card doesnt show up in the nvidia control panel at all with newer drivers than 266 if i dont remember wrong (I’m not sitting by that computer now). If I download the latest tesla driver it does not show up either, only the quadro card shows up.
It doesnt show up when i check for video specs in max either.
Its 3ds max 2012 design

Hey i have the same problem have you,have you solved the problem, if you have what have you done ???

I use Maya but its the same