Tesla C2075 Missing from Device Manager

Hi all,

Hope this is the right forum for this question. I recently purchased a Tesla 2075 for use in my Dell Precision T7600. I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting the computer to recognize the device–it refuses to show up in the device manager, isn’t recognized by Nvidia-smi, etc. I have it connected to both 8-pin and 6-pin power cords, so I don’t think device power should be a problem. Only one of the two LEDs light up green, the one closes to the top of the card. Additionally, the fan does not power on. Is the card dead? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks so much.

I have the same problem specially with the new NVIDIA drivers. I have an ASUS GTX1080 ROG STRIX. GTZ 1080 and a TESLA C2075 in a MSI GODLIKE GAMING CARBON. If I install the old NVIDIA driver, the TESLA will be shown along with the two in the Device Manager… However, if I install the new driver, the TESLA is gone…

Is there a driver that I can use only for the TESLA?

Thank you so much for anyone who can help me with it.

Drivers new enough to support the 1080 are probably not going to support the Fermi device (Tesla C2075).

You may find some support overlap in a R390 driver, but you may not. And R390 won’t support newer CUDA versions such as 10.0

you cannot install 2 separate drivers or have one driver for one GPU and another for the other GPU.