Desktop GPU compatible with Tesla C2075 driver


I was using a GeForce GT220 with two monitors, then I added a Tesla C1060 to use CUDA and it worked fine. Now I removed C1060 and upgraded to Tesla C2075, and the GT220 and C2075 can’t be used with the same driver. I tried to use the C2075 alone but the resolution is too low and it has just one video output, so I want to buy a desktop GPU, just for the monitors, that can be used with the C2075 driver (353.62).

Any idea on how to find the correct device?

Or better, how to use FeForce GT220 and Tesla C2075 at the same time?

Thank you.

The GT 220 is a device with compute capability 1.x, and devices with compute capability < 2.0 are no longer supported by modern drivers and modern CUDA versions. The Tesla C2075, on the other hand, has compute capability 2.0 and is supported by current drivers and the currently shipping CUDA version 7.5.

Any desktop GPU with compute capability 2.x, 3.x, or 5.x should work fine in conjunction with your C2075 (not entirely sure how recent 353.62 is, but I would think it includes Maxwell support), but I have no recent practical experience with such a setup, it has been years since I last used a C2075. You can find a list of GPUs, ordered by compute capability, in Wikipedia:

BTW, a search for the latest Windows driver with support for the Tesla C0275 on the NVIDIA website points me to version 354.92: Does your system use Windows or Linux?