C2075 without companion GPU


I have to move a C2075 into a new workstation. Unfortunately the workstation does not yet have another GPU to team up with the C2075. Installing windows worked (display limited to 1600x1200, as expected), but I’m having problems after installing windows updates and the current Tesla-driver for windows 7 64Bit.

The display is now heavily distorted with multi-colored blocks. The boot-up works, the problems start at the login-screen. Logging into windows is possible (typing the password blind), but does not solve the problem. It is not possible to do anything with the system right now. Also the resolution has dropped to 800x600 or lower.

Restarting in safe mode works.

Is it possible to use the C2075 without a companion card?

Are there any recommendations for the companion card? Due to a limited budget I cannot spend too much this year (100 – 150 Euro of regular budget left). I want to use the system for development work (little DirectX, no complex 3D renderings, mostly CUDA).


Turns out there is simple solution to this problem:

  • boot in safe mode
  • remove the drivers for the C2075 via device manager
  • reboot in normal mode (VGA-Driver from MS loads)
  • install the display drivers for the C2075
  • run as admin: C:\ Program Files\ NVIDIA Corporation\ NVSMI\ nvidia-smi.exe -dm 0
  • reboot

Apparently windows set the TCC-Bit by default to the wrong value. -dm 0 fixes that.

I’m still interested in suggestions for companion cards.


Not a recommendation per se, but I have used a Quadro 600 as a companion for Tesla cards in my workstation at work, primarily because it does not require additional power supply.