Tesla + geforce in same machine

I have a C2050 and a gtx470 in the same machine (with windows 7 x64). Should I just be using the tesla driver? (My display is connected to the gt470 via dl-dvi, no display connected to the C2050)

I’m wondering if I am having driver issues as I’m experiencing keyboard and mouse pauses every couple of seconds as though some input buffer is filling up, but I’m not typing or moving the mouse particularly quickly. I thought I’d found something corresponding to this period in Event viewer but the repetitive Event went away after a reboot, whilst the mouse and keyboard behavior continues)

Are you sure your CUDA code is running on the C2050 and not the GTX 470? If your kernels run on the GTX 470, your display will freeze during kernel execution.

Thanks Seibert,
I make sure the c2050 is the primary GPU for mathematica, but the problem arises even when I’m not running anything on the GPU. I’m fairly sure certain there are no malicious programs installed either. I’ll try removing the tesla driver and install the geforce one to see if the problem goes away.

Windows7 is the real bubble out there… Just burst that bubble and you will be all right… :-)

It was a problem with the network driver on the motherboard (5520sc). Updating the driver made the pauses go away.
Now I just need to figure out why mathematica 8 appears to be so slow compared to 7 :)