Co-existence of Tesla with two different Geforce cards

Hi all,

I have a Tesla C2050 in a HP Z620 workstation and I’ve been using it fine in TCC mode for 4+ years with a Geforce 210 as the graphics card. The Tesla is only used for computations and is not used for any graphics-related tasks.

I’ve recently upgraded my Geforce graphics card to Geforce GT730 for two reasons: 1) to free up a PCI x16 slot; 2) upgrade the computer’s graphics performance.

The two Nvidia products co-exist fine as long as the Tesla GPU is NOT in TCC mode. When I put it in TCC mode using nvidia-smi command line utility, the Geforce stops working completely. It ceases to show up on the “nvidia-smi -L” query. However, it still shows up as in working order on the Device Manager. This didn’t happen before and I’m wondering if it’s a driver conflict issue or these two cards are just not compatible.

The drivers are:
Geforce driver version 399.24 (Sep 2018)
Tesla driver version 391.29 (Mar 2018)

Any help is greatly appreciated. TCC mode is not a must-have but it potentially affects my simulation runtimes and I’d like to have it in TCC mode than not.


Not sure if this helps but I’ve noticed that the computer is actually starting up with the Tesla as the graphics card. I can tell because I can only see the “press ESC to enter bios settings” message when the monitor is connected to the Tesla. The Geforce only kicks in at the windows log-in screen.

I couldn’t find a way to tell the BIOS to use a certain slot for graphics output.

Any help is appreciated.