Tesla C2075 Is Noisy

I’ve recently replaced one of a dual GTS 450 set with a Tesla C2075. Since then, the Tesla beeps occasionally and sometimes for several seconds in length, often when there is something video-intensive or CUDA-intensive going on like playing a video, bringing up Nvidia Control Panel, or launching kernels. This happens even when I have everything set to use the remaining GTS 450 and nothing should be doing anything with the Tesla except the usual enumerate and check properties. This is under Windows 7 64 bit, btw.

Why does the Tesla make these tones, and how can I arrange for it to be silent? The literature is not forthcoming yet.

did you hook up the appropriate power connectors?

This can also happen when the power connectors are not inserted properly (this happened to me once when I changed cards in a hurry, and I was wonderign about the beeping). The power connectors have a little hook that should snap into place when the connector is inserted all the way. Since the card also gets power viw at the PCIe connector, also make sure that the card is securely seated in the slot, and that the locking tab on the slot connector is engaged.

I believe so, and I have reseated all the connectors at least once since the beep noise problem began, and each card runs correctly and noiselessly on its own when the other card has been removed to isolate the fault.

I see that the latest, greatest driver downloads for GeForce Desktop, GeForce Notebook, and Tesla are all 301.42, but there are separate download files for each. Could it be that the erratic behavior is due to whichever driver was updated last for one card being less than 100% compatible with the other? Are GeForce And Tesla not intended to go in the same PC?