tesla M60 VIB drivers for Esxi host?


I’m trying to figure out if need to install the VIB into my esxi host via VSphere? I have Tesla m60 cards and Esxi will soon be upgraded to v6.5 on my host. Where do i get the VIB files from? I cant find it anywhere.


I should add i have been to: https://nvidia.flexnetoperations.com/

It seems i may be missing this "· When you purchase GRID, you receive email with PAK and registration link to the licensing portal."

However, I would appreciate any support in getting the VIB and information on if i have to install on this version of VMware

resolved! I purchased this via dell and had to use the "Dell locker" to extract the info and then use the key in NVidia to allow the downloads to show.

Glad to hear it worked.



I have not gotten a response from my sales rep as to what I need to purchase. How did you find the part to see pricing. Thanks -Hans

Hi Peter and all, we also have the same file issue. We cannot find the .vib file for our tesla m60 running on our new dell r740. Can anyone walk us through how to get this vib ? we have opened a ticket with nvidia and dell seems like this should be way easier than it is…

In general this is pretty simple. Not sure why this seem to cause such issues. As soon as you bought the licenses from Dell you need to go to the Dell Digital Locker and there you should see the licenses. As soon as you "activated" these licenses there the "enablement" at Nvidia starts and after 24hours you should be able to redeem the licenses in our portal.


HI. As said above you need to contact your dell rep. They send you a link to this dell locker (whoever purchased in the company via the rep might have this). I missed it because a colleague purchased it. Once I got in to the locker it was clearer.

This article was key: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4120/kw/grid/session/L3RpbWUvMTQ2NzI5NTA3OC9zaWQvVW1FcUNsVW0%3D

Key line: When you purchase GRID, you receive email with PAK and registration link to the licensing portal.