Test IB-connection on Winows Server vs Ubuntu 14.10

Terbium test compound IB protocol between the server and the server on Windows under Linux. Tried to test with the aid of tools and ibv_rc_pingpong ib_write_bw. In both cases, the connection drops with the error message : “Could not read remote address”. Servers are in the same subnet. What could be the problem?

This is because of version of utilities on the Windows is different then on Linux side. Check perftest tool from Mellanox OFED-2.0-3.0.0. This version of the code should work with WinOF-4.90


Windows side - test names begin with ‘ibv_XXXX_XXX’ and on Linux side it is ‘ib_XXX_XX’

Thank U! It is. The tests do not work because of the different versions of perftest!