The Best and Worst of the Unreal Connector

Hello Unreal Connector Users!

You are truly a great community, and we love making features and tools that empower you to make some of the coolest imagery and experiences out there. We are working on the next set of features and improvements, and nothing means more to us than your input.

If you could reply with an answer to any or all of these questions, it would help us get you what you want.

  • What would be the killer feature or improvement that you would love to see?
  • What has been your biggest frustration with the Unreal Connector?
  • What is your favorite feature or ability the Unreal Connector gives you?
  • What workflows does the Unreal Connector enable you to have?

Thank you for helping us create the best experience for you and supercharge your workflows.

Hi there. Thanks a lot for all the work you guys are doing!

I’m probably not the best candidate to give feedback since I’m just starting out, but every little helps.

I have struggled very much with the UE5 connector, the biggest frustration is the documentation / how to use it. What does a workflow with it look like? People need detailed instructions of actual workflows, step by step, start to end.

Let me make you an example: I have an existing scene in Maya, that I would like to bring to Unreal. I exported an FBX and imported that with Omniverse Create, so that I end up having a USD stage. Now I can open that stage in Maya + Unreal and create a live session. So far everything works. However when I want to save in Unreal, the confusion starts, when I save, I have to save a “Level” though, not the USD. And sometimes when I reopen that Level, the whole USD scene is somehow invisible, it’s in the outliner, but I can not see it in the viewport of Unreal, whatever I try, the Level I saved is corrupted.

Let’s assume we have an existing USD file, all I want is bring that into Unreal, what are the steps I need to take? Let’s assume there are no lights in the USD and we want to use the Unreal Light Mixer to create all the “basic” lighting. I open the USD file, add the lights, then save the “Level”.

Another thing are broken Materials, I have tried for two days, the materials are severely broken, even the “parent” material is full of errors. Materials synced from Substance Painter to Unreal Engine are just bright white - #5 by 3dpxl

I’m more than happy to go through these things with someone so I can explain everything in detail. Once I understand everything / everything works as intended, I’m more than happy to create educational videos.

Hello @3dpxl. Thank you for your feedback! This is something we definitely want to work on. The frustrations you mentioned are a combination of lack of workflow documentation, missing features and what sounds like a couple of bugs. I would very much like to go over all the frustrations you are seeing as well as what you’d like to see or your ideal workflows. I will send you a direct message so we can continue the conversation.

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