The best cuda version for TX1


I am wondering the best cuda version for TX1.
In my case, I installed Jetpack 3.0 on TX1 whose cuda version is 8.0.
In conclusion,

  • what is the best cuda version for TX1?
  • Is there any problem in terms of performance and speed for my case?
    As far as I know, the structure of TX1’s gpu is Maxwelle and cuda 7.5 is suitablbe for Maxwell structure.
  • Is there any way to install cuda 7.5 on TX1?
    I tried to install cuda 7.5 on TX1 but I can’t find how to intall cuda 7.5.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks & Regards

There is a script in jetpack after installed cuda8. There should have hint to download cuda 7.5?

Hi JOO12,

The CUDA 8 is to mainly add support for compute capabilities 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2, the newer arch GPUs.
For TX1, it’s 5.3, and still can have the best performance to run with it.
Could you provide the performance and speed analysis result on your use case?
Then we can help to give the suggestion to know if any room to improve it further.

If you want to install the older CUDA version, you could try previous Jetpack version, see:


Thanks for your reply.

Originally, I intended to ask whether the speed is affected or not when I installed cuda 8.0 on TX1.
For the moment, I have just computed the inference time on TX1 with cuda 8.0.
So if I simply install cuda 5.3 which can have the best performance according to your mention above, is it possible to be improved in terms of the performance and speed?

Thanks & Regards

Hi JOO12,

That’s not CUDA 5.3, the “5.3” means the compute capabilities for different arch GPUs, you can refer to below link to understand:

So back to your question here, you should continue using CUDA 8 on you developing.