What is the best embedded board supporting CUDA?


I am looking for embedded board board supporting CUDA.

I found TK1 by googling.

Before buying TK1, are there another boards better than TK1??

Jetson TX1?

The Jetson TK1 is the 32-bit embedded board supporting CUDA up to version 6.5 (versions after 6.5 are 64-bit only).

The Jetson TX1 is the newer 64-bit board supporting CUDA 7 (and probably 7.5+ somewhere down the road).

The TX1 is much higher performance in CPU, and the GPU went from Kepler to Maxwell (increasing CUDA cores). The TX1 is more expensive, but is designed to be able to have modular attachment to a custom carrier board, whereas TK1 is fixed with the board it comes with. TX1 can be purchased as just a module or with the developer carrier board. If you need hidef multimedia, TK1 works; if you need ultra-highdef multimedia, TX1 is required. If you need CUDA newer than 6.5, TX1 is required. If you simply want extreme performance with almost no power consumption, go with TX1.