Question on embedded TX1 and Tk1

My startup is working on a project where I will need 100-200 GPUS. We love the TX1, but the board itself is $400-500 which is way over budget. The Jetson TK1 will work for our needs but I cant seem to buy more than 10.

It would be great if someone has incorporated the TK1 or TX1 on a simple computer

Does anyone know of a computer/board that incorporates the Tegra TK1?
Does anyone know of how I can get my hands on 100-200 Tk1’s?

You’d need a carrier for this…which might put it over your cost threshold. If you can build your own carrier, then this might do the job:

There are probably some other TK1 custom suppliers out there, I just happen to like this particular format (if you choose to use this be sure all pins for GPIO or other tasks are able to be used…168 pin DIMM format may not expose all pins that other carriers expose).

This looks great. Thanks for your help. We would prefer an “all-in-one”. If you think of one, please let me know

Are there any other options for running image classification at 6-7 FPS? We really are trying to keep hardware cost to $200