Most affordable 4 Camera (360°) low resolution setup

For my project, I’m trying to get a 360° view around the TX1.
The resolution for each camera module can be as low as 640x480, as openCV should run on the TX1 and analyse image data up to only 4m away from the camera modules.

What is the most affordable setup fitting those requirements?
Does anyone have hands-on experience with a setup such like this?
Some threads on this forum are about similar topics and USB hubs are recommended there, but the posts are very vague, different problems occured and no user reported of a working setup he already used.

Adapter boards with multiple MIPI CSI-2 modules connected to it (like the one from e-con, which is mentioned couple of times in this forum) add around 1000$ to the TX1.

Regards, Peter

Not sure which one is the most affordable option, but our partners in the Imaging area, such as Leopard, Appro or e-con etc.

You can also look into tx1 wiki for some of the offering, such as one using GStreamer from RidgeRun …

That’s just my quick browsing and I am sure you can find one from our partners that would fit your requirement. ‘Camera Development’ section inside r28.1 Developer Guide provides basic aspects of Jetson camera development.