Multiple Cameras - Best Options / Configurations?

Hello All,

I am building a hobbyist autonomous rc race car for fun. I’ve got a sample working with an Arduino and distance sensors, but I want to bump up to TX-1 + multiple cameras (among other peripherals). My thought was start with 3 forward (various angles) facing cameras. I don’t believe I need a very high resolution and 40 fps is more than enough.

My primary concerns are:

  1. Cost (ideally less than $50/camera)
  2. Ease of TX-1 Integration and Support.
  3. Ease of use with OpenCV or other CV libraries.
  4. Size/weight (smaller/lower = better)


Btw, Which camera comes with the TX-1 dev kit?

According to Jetson TX1 - the camera on the TX1 dev kit is the Omnivision OV5693.

Thats fine. I think this camera will work fairly well for our purposes.