360 cam compatibility

Hi. very new to this community/embedded systems programming in general. I got the TX1 and L4t with JetPack installed, Caffe installed also for some deep learning.

I am interested in making an application with the TX1 to use in conference meetings, and I want to use a 360 camera with it to be able to record/stream the whole meeting for others to view. I was looking at devices like the bublcam, fly360, giroptic, rico theta2 etc as these are sort of within my budget. bubl cam is a bit expensive. I am not entirely sure what will be compatible, i looked at the elinux.org wiki for camera compatiblity but only saw a page for the TK1. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. any advice would be appreciated!

I’m not much of a camera guy, but one thing there seems to be a trend towards in those cameras is the use of tablets and smart phones to display the images. The support I saw was for Android and iOS, but the Jetsons run Linux (Android is technically Linux, but the environment is more or less alien to desktop Linux distributions such as Linux4Tegra/L4T).

So if you wish to develop for one of those cameras on a JTX1, here are things to think about:

  • Be sure the camera can stream to the JTX1 via standard mechanisms, e.g., via USB or WiFi, without custom communications programs.
  • At least some of the cameras do the manipulation of stitching the multiple cameras together into a single lower bandwidth stream from in the camera...which means you don't need to program at least that aspect, and that raw bandwidth is cut by quite a bit...this is a big advantage. But...is the stream a standardized multimedia format which can be manipulated by anyone with knowledge of those formats and tools such as on JTX1...or is the stream format itself proprietary and knowledge of how to use the stream restricted to people with special knowledge of that one product?
  • What kind of driver is required? Note that receiving a data stream does not require a special driver, the stream can just be used as data. A camera directly connected (and sometimes one not directly connected) requires a driver for the camera logic itself. You will probably always need to develop for the data stream since all cameras have a data output. Should you need to develop a driver for the camera itself the driver will have to be available on the Linux Ubuntu kernels in current use in L4T. Porting an Android driver to Ubuntu Linux on L4T can be seriously difficult, especially since you may still need some part of the Android environment outside of the kernel. Especially important in that latter case is if the driver in question has source code available.

Im always contented with my camera phone. But I still rely on best cameras for photography like dslr and action camera.

6 MIPI CSI-2 Cameras support for Jetson TX1 from e-con systems may suit your purpose(360° Camera). The latest release supports 6 CSI- 2 cameras with TX2 also. Refer the links below for further details about the 360 camera.