TK1 Custom board


Our company is planning to release a computer vision product based on Tegra. Our development team uses tk1 to complete the software . We don’t want o use jetson tk1 directly on our product. What may be the steps to start with a custom board ( a scale down version of tk1) that based on Tegra. If we are planning to produce 500 pieces of the product , is it easy to go with tk1 than the custom board . Does anyone here use tk1 in a large scale product ?


There is a compact TK1 (not a Jetson) which matches the size and connector of a DIMM module (I have an older Tegra3 version…they use the same carriers) which you might be interested in. Go to and look for their Apalis TK1.

There were of course other TK1-based boards produced, but I’m not familiar with those.