Tegra K1 Suppliers

Is there anyone I can speak with in regards to finding out who some recommended suppliers are? I would like to build a custom board using the K1 and information is difficult to come by.

Thank you!

You might try:

Something here:


does anyone knows what the price of tk1 is?
is it more or less than 10$?

tk1 should be around 200 usd

asking just for the tegra chip not the dev board :D

Depends on how many?

The average quote for a lot of 1000 I gotten for ARM SoC (Not TK1) ~ $20.

Best to make the inquires and negotiate with Nvidia’s partners.
Nvidia sale will give you their contacts.

I don’t remember the minimum lot if you want it directly from Nvidia (250,000+?)

which company was that?
I would aim for a lot of 10.000 or 25.000 TK1 SoC and would be interested in the aproximate price. But should be around 15$ maybe

From my earlier link: Avionic Design, SECO, and Toradex are listed as partners, so I would start asking from those. They are selling boards on their sites but maybe they sell just the chips too?