The color chips on UI are not color managed. How can I see the color in monitor color space?


Thanks @atillaakin. I’ll have the material team look into this!

Hi atillaakin,
Can you be more specific ? What you are showing is in normal RGB default monitor color space. You are showing a black color, and it is correctly showing black. Can you elaborate ? It works like any normal RGB color picker in Photoshop etc. 0,0,0 is black, 1,1,1 is white.

Hi Richard, I actually didn’t expain it accurately. The problem is; when I load a texture (color space auto) it removes its gamma before rendering and finally it applies the monitor gamma to the render and this is correct. But, sometimes (I cannot always reproduce) it doesn’t remove the gamma of color chip and the result appears brighter as it receives double gamma. So, here is a file for you to check. (112.7 KB)

Create does not support a color managed workflow or inputs. Although this is something we’d like to do. Inputs are numerically in linear or lin rec-709 space. The swatch is not displayed gamma corrected. This can be confusing and it’s something we hope to remedy in the future.

Edit. Swatch is not gamma corrected


Thank you, Frankie!

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