the description for each UART pin

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Who can tell me the description for each UART pin(totally 6 pins), thanks a lot.

All pins description are listed in table 73 of OEM DG (

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According to figure 38, which connector should UART connect? thanks.

Figure 38 is strap connections which is in module and no need to change. For UART connections please take figure 33 as reference.

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Sorry, i not sure figure 33 is useful for me.

We plan to capture console log, cause our TX2 will auto reboot after flash OS, please refer:

Can you tell me how to capture console log ? can we capture by 6pin UART? or another interface?

You would use an ordinary serial console program such as minicom (or my favorite gtkterm) from a host PC (most serial console programs have a logging option). The serial port setting is 115200 8N1. The TX1 and TX2 are identical, except that TX2 cannot use hardware flow control (you can’t use CTS/RTS on a TX2, you need to set no flow control or software flow control).

Some serial console URLs:

the updated link for the tx2 would be