The nvprof can not work on the Xavier

on Vavier using the SDK example,
For any of them, I get this result:

vidia@jetson-0424218030908:/usr/local/cuda-10.0/samples/0_Simple/matrixMul$ /usr/local/cuda-10.0/bin/nvprof --print-gpu-trace ./matrixMul
[Matrix Multiply Using CUDA] - Starting…
==28350== NVPROF is profiling process 28350, command: ./matrixMul
==28350== Warning: Unified Memory Profiling is not supported on the underlying platform. System requirements for unified memory can be found at:
GPU Device 0: “Xavier” with compute capability 7.2

MatrixA(320,320), MatrixB(640,320)
==28350== Profiling application: ./matrixMul
==28350== Profiling result:
No kernels were profiled.
==28350== Warning: Some profiling data are not recorded. Make sure cudaProfilerStop() or cuProfilerStop() is called before application exit to flush profile data.
======== Error: Application received signal 139

I didnot know what is the wrong for this


Can you try again after turning off the unified memory profiling using the nvprof switch:
--unified-memory-profiling off

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thank you very much for your reply!

I have resolve this problem. mybe the installing of the CUDA have some problem.
when I add “sudo” before the command , then the nvprof is ok

thank you again for your reply