The problem for USB_HUB of the custom carrier board

On our own custom carrier board, this USB hub seems to be working abnormally, sometimes it can be identified and sometimes it will report an error. Our principle design is made according to the official information. The components are different except for the USB power chip. Everything else is the same. The following is part of the debugging information and schematic diagram of the serial port. Can you help us analyze the reasons?USB3.1 (84.2 KB) USB3.1 (84.2 KB) 微信截图_20200731092346 123

It looks to be signal issues. Please run compliance test to tune the signal.
[Jetson Nano]Do USB2 compliance test on USB hub

Hello, when the RTS5411s of our carrier board is inserted into the U disk, the following error message will appear. Inserting other USB devices will not report an error. How to solve the U disk error, thank you新建文本文档 (2).txt (7.5 KB)

That last log shows disk sda and the USB with I/O errors. Is sda a USB disk? If so, then USB signal for that one device has problems. In testing a single USB device you could attempt:

  • Shorter cables.
  • Without an external HUB.
  • With an external HUB (which might have different signal qualities).
    Note: Preferably externally powered.

Even if sda works perfectly, if it is USB, then it will still fail until signal quality is good.