The pwm waveform of jetson nano is strange

Hello, I’m going to write a code that operates motor using jetson nano’s pwm.
Before starting the motor drive, I measured the waveform after writing the code with 50 Hz and duty 50% for the pwm test, and it came out as follows.

However, when the pwm pin is connected to the motor drive, the waveform changes as follows.

The waveform changes weirdly even though I didn’t power in the motor drive.

I don’t know how to make the waveform come out unchanged.
I ask for your help… Thank you.

Sory for the late response, is this still an issue?


Hi, PWM signal is only for the control of motor which means it should be routed to a switch of motor. The waveform with motor seems show it has been affected by the motor.

Thank you for your answer. What does a motor switch mean?
Are you talking about the enable pin of the motor drive?


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