the v4l2 at r23.2 , picture size 640x480 incorrectly work

when i run the yavata by this params -s640x480 -fSRGGB10, the raw image size is 10077696 byte, very strange value. the desired value should be 640x480x2 = 614400

the driver not support it, need to configure by myself.

Not sure if you still have issue when capturing with yavta.
From your last post, seems you’ve got solution for it (although not very clear about what is not supported by which driver). If any further question, let’s continue to follow it.

when i look at the ov5693.c, i can find out 9 different configure, but there is no configure for 640*480, for cv ,you know the small image is a good choice.

Oh, that is the reason.
If I guess right, the stranger size you got is from the resolution 2592x1944( 2592x1944 x 2 = 10077696 bytes).