Thread safe while use tensorRT

I use tensorRT4 to do inference.I load the engine to the memory,then mutil thread will do inference via the fuction like this.

int TensorRTEngine::doInference(float *input, float *output,int batchSize) {
    int64_t start=getCurrentTime();
    IExecutionContext *context=engine->createExecutionContext();
    int64_t end=getCurrentTime();
    EngineError("create context cost %d",(end-start));
//    EngineError("maxBatchSize:%d",engine->getMaxBatchSize());
    // input and output buffer pointers that we pass to the engine - the engine requires exactly IEngine::getNbBindings(),
    // of these, but in this case we know that there is exactly one input and one output.
    assert(engine->getNbBindings() == 2);
    void* buffers[2];

    // In order to bind the buffers, we need to know the names of the input and output tensors.
    // note that indices are guaranteed to be less than IEngine::getNbBindings()
    int inputIndex = engine->getBindingIndex(inputBlobName.c_str()),
            outputIndex = engine->getBindingIndex(outPutBlobName.c_str());
    size_t inputSize = batchSize * getInputSize() * sizeof(float);
    size_t outputSize = batchSize * getOutPutSize() * sizeof(float);
    // create GPU buffers and a stream
    CHECK(cudaMalloc(&buffers[inputIndex], inputSize));
    CHECK(cudaMalloc(&buffers[outputIndex], outputSize));
    cudaStream_t stream;
    // DMA the input to the GPU,  execute the batch asynchronously, and DMA it back:
    CHECK(cudaMemcpyAsync(buffers[inputIndex], input, inputSize, cudaMemcpyHostToDevice, stream));
    context->enqueue(batchSize, buffers, stream, nullptr);
    CHECK(cudaMemcpyAsync(output, buffers[outputIndex], outputSize, cudaMemcpyDeviceToHost, stream));

    // release the stream and the buffers
    return 0;

every fuction call will create a new IExecutionContext from the engine,but i find when a lot of thread call this function ,sometimes the result is not corect,dose the tensorRT thread safety?


Please see the docs on thread-safety here:

2.3. Thread Safety
The TensorRT builder may only be used by one thread at a time. If you need to run multiple builds simultaneously, you will need to create multiple builders.

The TensorRT runtime can be used by multiple threads simultaneously, so long as each object uses a different execution context.

Note: Plugins are shared at the engine level, not the execution context level, and thus plugins which may be used simultaneously by multiple threads need to manage their resources in a thread-safe manner.

The TensorRT library pointer to the logger is a singleton within the library. If using multiple builder or runtime objects, use the same logger, and ensure that it is thread-safe.

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