Three_fin_3d example cannot run

I am currently testing Modulus using the 3D fin examples. However, after I run the “”,
it gives me the following errors:

can anyone help me to address this issue?

Hi @cxi1

This is not an error I have seen before arising from the PyTorch dataloader. Can you provide additional information on the development environment? Is this a bare-metal / pip install? What hardware are you running on?

Also do other examples work (typical Helmholtz example is a good one to verify your install works)?

Hi @ngeneva ,
Thank you so much for your replying to my posted issue. I am using a bare-metal installation on my workstation and created an anaconda environment for modulus on windows. Recently I found that I need to use the linux terminal instead of windows powershell to execute the code, and the issue disappears. And the examples works out perfectly without problems anymore.

Best Regards,