Time sync Jetson Xavier NX with fake GPS time

Hi all, thanks for your sharing in this forums so that I known jetson can time sync with GPS through PPS setup.

In our project, underwater navigation, we don’t have GPS. For multi-sensor fusion, we are planning use Arm M3/M4 MCU(e.g. Arduino) to simulate the fake GPS time to do time synchronization. Most sensors can be external trigger or PPS sync by MCU. But sonar only working software trigger by Jetson. That’s why we are trying to do time sync between Jetson and MCU.

Just double check, if Jetson can be time sync with fake GPS time and PPS both from MCU using gpsd and other tools. Some tutorials mentioned 3D fix for the GPS, I just worried about the synchronization may need satellites. Thanks all!!

Could you help to check if can give advice for this topic.


you can use nvpps Welcome — Jetson Linux<br/>Developer Guide 34.1 documentation

or Welcome — Jetson Linux<br/>Developer Guide 34.1 documentation

to get timestamping