External reference clock for Jetson nano

Hello All ,

can you please let me know if Jetson Nano and Xavier can take in an external reference clock and synchronize with it ? If so how can this be done suppose i wish to give an external crystal clock to it so as to sync it with the rest of my system?


Looks like not possible,

thanks for the reply Shane ,

is it sure that Nano also cannot be syncronized with an external reference clock ? Can this be double confirmed with the R&D


No, it is not supported on nano either.

we were able to synchronize Jetsons with GPS clocks,
e.g. using ardusimple Simple2RTK/ Garmin GPS units.
Moreover it is posible to use precise time protocol for synchronization over LAN interface with other computers
hope that helps

thanks for the reply Andrey, if i have an external 160mhz clock from a tcxo then can you please suggest how can i go about interfacing this with jetson nano so as that nano accepts this clock as reference ?

I did have experience with tcxo, I only had experience with GPS clock reference implementation.
How do you typically interface it with any other computer device?
Which exactly tcxxo model are you using? Does the manufacturer provide any reference manuals for interfacing it with computer devices?
I can see that raspberry people integrate txco with hot air: https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/74482/switch-out-the-x1-oscillator-on-a-rpi-2-3