Connecting AGX Xavier developer kit with Jetson Nano developer Kit


For an autonomous vehicle application, we are looking to connect an AGX Xavier developer kit with a Jetson Nano developer kit. How can this be achieved?. Are there any interfacing solution board available to connect them?

How important it is to consider the time latency factor in acquiring sensor data,(from receiving the sensor data, to transferring between the developer kits, till sending it to the server) in this kind of a setup?

Without additional information on your usecase the most obvious suggestion is a network connection (ethernet or wifi) or by serial port.

@dkreutz, Thank you for your reply.

In our setup, we are trying to transfer sensor data from AGX Xavier to Jetson Nano.

Let’s say we establish the connection between the two developer kit via ethernet as you suggested. Considering the whole setup, how important it is to consider the delay factor in receiving the sensor data from AGX Xavier? How to measure this time latency? How to adjust it?

You will need to synchronize Xavier-AGX and Jetson Nano to the same time source/clock and use a transmission protocol that adds a timestamp to each sensor data point. Not an expert here but I suppose that some other people had similar problem before and such protocols already exist.

Depending on the sensor you may add the timestamp already at the sensor stage.

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@dkreutz Thank you again. This has to be done in the software side right? I would like to know whether any hardware board solution available, which connects the two developer kits to achieve the same.

Can you describe your use-case scenario in detail,please?
Right now this is a guessing game on what you want to achieve, what software and hardware you already have and what other limiting factors exist…?

@dkreutz, Any example code/ link for synchronizing the developer kits & time stamping the data?

And regarding the use case scenario and setup, we’ll be connecting sensors like lidar, cameras and etc with the Agx Xavier. Agx Xavier and Jeston Nano are connected together. Also a GSM module will be connected with the Jetson Nano to establish the server connection.

So the sensor data flow will be (for lidar),
Lidar —>AGX Xavier —>Jetson Nano —>GSM module —>Server

I don’t get why you’re using a nano here for streaming to server, but:

  • AGX Xavier may have at least 100 ms glass to glass latency (using TX2 devkit’s OV5693 sensor on R34.5 and gstreamer pipeline to xvimagesink).
  • you may use a USB link from Xavier to Nano micro-usb port that should bring both a device storage and an IP bridge so that you’ll get an IP link (use ifconfig to get your IP address over this link from AGX and nano). Alternatively you may try nano as host and AGX as device.
  • So you may use RTP over this IP link and use RAW over RTP such as here.
  • This would add about 100 ms additional latency, for a 640x480@30 fps resolution. For higher resolutions x framerates, you may have to adjust kernel socket max buffer size, mtu and more, but never tried over usb.
  • For sending from nano over GSM, you may have to consider a compressed format depending on what you can afford.
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@Honey_Patouceul Thanks.