Timeline for Wake on Lan support?

Continuing the discussion from WakeOnLAN for AGX Orin:

This post says wake on lan is not supported yet. Is there any timeline when we can expect this?
Since the Jetson Orin is advertised to support WOL

Could you test with JetPack 5.1 GA release? Thanks

Unfortunately, we cannot use 5.1 because it seems to be incredibly unstable.
We are having many issues with Displayport and Boot-loops.
5.0.2 always works, 5.1 works sometimes once, but then never again.

We managed to test WOL once, there was no error message when configuring it, but the status was still ā€œdā€ instead of ā€œgā€. Then, we tried rebooting, but it never managed to switch on again.

On a AGX Orin SDK, with a clean minimal install of the JetPack 5.1 GA release:

$ sudo ethtool -s eth0 wol g
$ sudo ethtool eth0 | egrep ā€œ[1]*Wake-on: (g|d)ā€
Wake-on: g

So the flag is set

After a suspend:

$ sudo systemctl suspend

I can wake it up properly with a remote wakeonline packet

But, whenever the Wake-on flag is set, the interface goes down, cannot be set back up and got those messages on the debug console:

[ 112.123989] [xpcs_init][472][type:0x4][loga-0x0] TX/RX lane bring-up failed
[ 112.131154] [mgbe_set_speed][4520][type:0x4][loga-0x0] xpcs_init failed

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