Timestamps for v4l2 camera sensor


I have a Jetson Xavier NX, L4T version we are using is 32.5.
We are using radar ‘iwr6843isk’ to capture raw data and pass it to Jetson. I would like to get time stamps from the driver we use for each frames.
I went through some of the related topisc

Also I have tried printing the time stamp for start and end of frame from the vi driver. But I want to get the exact timestamping from the driver. How can this be achieved?

Try to trace the …/kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/platform/tegra/camera/vi/vi5_fops.c

hello shreyas.pa,

to be more specific,
you should check VI-5 kernel driver, $public_sources/kernel_src/kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/platform/tegra/camera/vi/vi5_fops.c

please check below for start-of-frame timestamp, which sending to user-space.

static void vi5_capture_dequeue(struct tegra_channel *chan,
        struct tegra_channel_buffer *buf)

        vb->vb2_buf.timestamp = descr->status.sof_timestamp;

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